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Picts, Stones of Destiny and Thrice Slain Kings

OK I need to get moving with the Thrice Slain King content. Many thanks to those who’ve chipped in. Usual story – anyone feels they didn’t get good value gimme a shout/ email, as #1 priority is to keep my 100% happy purchasers record.

So, the latest, even cleaner PDF free from the link below.

The Blurb

The Thrice Slain King is a set of notes prepared as a series of blog posts during early 2104. They concern the steady disappearance of large areas of Scottish and British history or archaeology.

The notes do not try to arrive at firm or fixed answers to many of the areas where history has been reshaped through myth or propaganda. However, the content does raise a lot of questions, which seem to open up options for putting ourselves closer to the understandings of ancient cultures and for building more authentic narratives.

qeni181Topics covered include:

• Ancient Orkney
• Pictish Sculptures
• Sacral Kingship
• The Stone of Destiny
• The Celtic Church
• Scotland’s Standing Stones
• The Gaelic Otherworld
• Grail and Ark symbolism

Extensive linking to a wide variety of sources and sites, (each to be considered on its own merits or otherwise), makes the notes useful for exploring many neglected areas of Scottish history – without need for consideration of the notes themselves.

Thistle GamesThe Thrice Slain King

Anyone keen on keeping up with the topic as more emerges – Scottish Media Lab is where I send posts and links on Scottish history and culture. Visitors and likes always welcome.


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Bit Of A Breakthrough

Quick comment on downloading Bruce’s Seal much faster – and for Indie publishers.

Setting up your own store from scratch is a business risk, as you do not want unshielded responsibility for folks’ data. Along the same lines you really need to be looking at full SSL certification along the way.

I thought I had a fail there with the Ecwid store, as going in via the site here presented a tiresome block of registration details to fill out.

Thistle Games

All gone now. Instead of using the WordPress plugin plus the Facebook app, ditch the plugin and route to the Facebook page. Visitors still have to find the Products tab on the Facebook page, but it’s right in front of them; everything’s wrapped in SSL; and all the dull order details just fall into place via Facebook.

The freebie only handles 10 items, but after  a long search for a freebie that gets the job done  – Ecwid seems the clear winner at this point in time.

In other words, if you didn’t fancy going through either sign-up to grab a copy of Bruce’s Seal – it’s a clean run now. Visit the page, go into the Products tab and download.