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Alba – Video

About set with a quick Alba video. Mainly calming.

WordPress and YouTube – been there before – best to stick to a link. Good for HD 720p at full screen on YouTube.


Back soon.

Adobe CC

Progressing well with a 2:33m video in the bag. Which just leaves the final nail down. Yeah, as I habitually adjust titles and covers right up to the last minute there is one last check through the details to go. I should probably avoid showing anyone passing bits at this stage, as it just encourages extra tweaking.

Comments on CC/ workflow/ software from Facebook earlier following on this post about the library feature: 8 Reasons to Use CC Library panel.

Had to get a full version of Acrobat to distribute files, so had to get CC. Fortunately I get an education half price for a year. Photoshop is v not different from CS4, which means you can switch seamlessly.

Thistle Games

Slightly random image from a while back – need to go crash.

Would say few new features – but there is some nifty stuff below the surface. Spotted the library panel immediately and using it constantly. Also top marks for sooking most everything in during setup – styles, actions, patterns as well I think.

At some stage CC may give you a slight case of broken fonts. There is a lot of faffing around to solve via Adobe – it looked so dull I just told CCleaner to lose the whole font cache, rebooted and . . . so far fine.

For pure value the quite inexpensive Photoshop/ Lightroom only deal is much win. The full suite . . . we’ll see. I fired up Photoshop and Audition for the short video and both were very easy to get along with straight off. Premiere was unnecessary as I wasn’t looking for transitions, but I’ll try playing around in there at a later stage.

I don’t have a problem with the online model, but skeptical about using their font library. Going to stick to sourcing my own typography.

Alba – Page

It is odd how the site can be dead quiet – then as soon as I start working on something silently in the backoffice folk pop up?

Quite a lot of image processing later and the outline in the post below has been prettied up, shuggled around a bit and turned into a page for a fixed point. Even at this stage torn over KS or Patreon – which is daft in terms of having prepped for quick delivery over either. Paranoid about keeping my so far 100% no complaints with Thistle Games as it is. Which is maybe how anyone considering trying even a modest crowdfund should/ wants to be thinking :)

To get it out of the way – this is an art and games project. While the pictures may be a bit ‘doctored’ for effect the lightweight history is factual and more about survival, connectedness and shared experience across the whole North Atlantic fringe from Scandinavia through to England and Ireland . . .

Thistle Games

Please click the thistle to see the first few images – at a good size.