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Half Slain Me

The fun I’ve been having – tooth ripped out 10 minutes before leaving for holiday, cracked ribs after plunging off my mountain bike on holiday and a different tooth to come out this week. But mainly been having a great time.

The inevitable happened with the Pictish/ Stone of Destiny/ Sacral Kings content, i.e. a blog post is a blog post, while a PDF is an eBook. As soon as I’d cleaned up the Pictish/ Stone of Destiny content with basics like spelling and a straightforward layout I was dragged right in. Many days later and it’s cleaned up, clarified and lightly edited. Just a few more tweaks and good to go.

Thistle Games

The resulting 120 page or so PDF, titled the Thrice Slain King, is closer to the standard and presentation of the games PDFs, the Black Douglas and Courage. Nevertheless, the content remains demanding and – taking in all the links – quite a read.

The images look much better than hoped for after reworking some of those used in the original blog posts. However, a few needed to be replaced to avoid potential copyright complications.

Should be done within the next week.

Picts and Stones and Ladders

As anticipated simply shifting most of the Pictish content made the site work again. Just copied the content into Word – 170 A4 pages, so kind of carrying a site within a site. Tidying it to readable from WordPress paste to PDF is a day’s work, so I’ll make it readily available in a quick PDF soon as.

Thistle Games

Upgrading from notes into a more complete history – out of sight at the end of a very long line. Apart from anything else I’m plain not enthused by sections of the artwork. Coming up with a treatment that made the art and an appropriate styling mesh . . . extra long piece of string.

Lucky Bag

Out of action for the next week, so a few past posts to fill the gap.

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