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Spring – At Last

And how did the mini portfolio go – very well as it happens. Make more was the gist of the reply, which is kind of handy when there’s plenty more. Plus I haven’t shown any finished pics yet.

As soon as I flatten the images I close one envelope on them – while opening another. More on that shortly, but switching in part to gaming.

My insistence for tugging in the direction of open-ended, negotiated gameplay is all about keeping envelopes open during play . . . leaving imaginative gaps to be filled, or leapt, by players ingenuity whenever possible. To, eh, illustrate.


Passing Unicorn

More with the demos. Need an obvious wave towards standard fantasy painting in the mix.

dam unicorn forest


Crisp icons along shortly – just done turning 120+ from RGB to CMYK . . . one bit at a time. Yawn. And I must go back and do that for those badges from the other day. Ho hum.

Muddling around with this really gloopy oil on the side. No point posting a narrow, puddle of mud version. This is it at 1200px down from 5100px. Be interested to see how it shows up across different screens. But not sure I like it enough to finish it off – maybe.

dam wip

Passing Thistle

OK – that’ll be enough with the thistles and saltires now. The icons will look as they are told to look.

A more mixed bunch of icons are next up for the image side and, otherwise, busy apportioning the vat of artwork into bundles for the this, the that and the other. The computer will then melt for a while as it tries to apply batch effects to some of the subsets.

Thistle Games