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While I’m Waiting

Keeping busy while Kickstarter attempt to locate Scotland. Starting to sort out some of the extra Creative Commons images that have been rolled into the Alba project.

To the mild amusement of those passing so far, the snowfall on a landscape image on the Image Credits page looks quite good – gives the picture a bit of extra depth. Just the one up right now, but more on the way in the next couple of days. (The mess on the rest of the page shows me starting to assemble a batch that are done). Take my manipulated versions or click through to get the original image. The selection will shortly include this landscape-less image. which I ran into this morning.

William Hole

It’s from a mural in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery made in┬ác. 1899 by William Brassey Hole. The image title is Notable Figures of the First Scottish War of Independence; the license is CC BY-SA 3.0; and the original image is from Kim Traynor.

This Is Almost Funny – And The Pictish Hoodie

After much tidying up a good to go Alba is sitting in Kickstarter – where they are unable to identify me. Yeah, Scottish project by Scottish guy and their unusual verification can’t locate me. In fairness I have a valid but pre-pic driver’s license and a well out of date passport. Ho hum.

In the mean time a decent-sized copy of the Pictish hoodie that has been remarkably popular on Fbook. I guess it kind of takes you straight there in a centuries melt away sort of a way. It started as an old, very water-damaged illustration, which I messed around with on and off for a couple of days to arrive at the image shown. A decent enough impression of the original Pictish hoodie aka the Orkney Hood – currently housed in the National Museum of Scotland with a replica in Kirkwall Museum.

The dating range is 200-600AD. More about the hoodie here [PDF].

Pictish Hood

However, the image didn’t cut the mustard for Alba in terms of fitting into the spectrum of the mixed media artwork that’s getting used. So, off to the cuttings pile to be added to the Scottish Media Lab page. Where the hoodie received several thousand views in a few days. Consequently, I went back to the image and put it through the Photoshop equivalent of root canal treatment. A bunch of layers and merges later and I now have what I was after in the first place.

I’ll post a copy shortly after a bit more trying to tease detail out of it – and include the full-size and resolution in Alba. The treated hoodie does look kind of like you could buy it out of a catalogue.

As for Kickstarter – I’m sure if I send them a couple of my retina and a few DNA swabs all will eventually be well.

Alba – Video

About set with a quick Alba video. Mainly calming.

WordPress and YouTube – been there before – best to stick to a link. Good for HD 720p at full screen on YouTube.


Back soon.