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Colour and B&W Renegade

Colour and B&W Renegade ~ Corruption


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Thistle Games

Well They Did Ask

“If anyone has any real world marketing ideas please post them up for discussion. Important we break out of the internet and onto the streets”.

Likes are free, so let others know you value their contributions.

Build a FBook photo album and/ or desktop folder with ready to share infographics, posters, motivational posters, cartoons to mix up your replies.

Emphasise key points. Folk only consider a maximum of 3 at a time, so pensions, childcare, child poverty, casino banking, private health and private policing maybe call for extra attention. And, yeah, I should only have listed 3 of those.

Make stuff on Scottish/ Yes themes. For some that’s sawing out giant wooden Yes signs for others baking Saltire iced cakes and handing them to the Nos. (Painful I know).

Make a list of your 7 Wonders of Scotland, visit some this spring/ summer and show your No neighbours the pics. Preferably in the form of a 2 hour slideshow.

Find images here or here

Wear Scottish/ Yes socks, Onesies, badges, (temporary) tattoos, t-shirts, . . .

Break things up with a few colourful images in preference to walls of text

Thistle Games

Share a few Scottish poems around any book group pals and Fbook or have a poetry slam.

Today’s Poetry Poster | Scottish Poetry Library

If a troll is winding you up randomly send them a link to a music video you like and go somewhere else for a bit. Just ask the kid what’s she’s listening to. There we go.

Katy Perry – Dark Horse (Official) ft. Juicy J
Get “Dark Horse” feat. Juicy J from Katy Perry’s PRISM: . . .

I collected Innocent smoothy alphabet fridge magnets. My fridge currently says Free Scotland in bright colours.

Chalk boards are great for leaving messages around for vistors and for practicing chalk art. Chalk art and other types of flash art like water on a dry wall need to be on your own surfaces. Otherwise, Yes Hopscotch on the ground, flag on the side of the garage, wee cartoon popping out of the drain.

Paper art can be left places without littering. A Yes Scotland pamphlet in a book you’re passing round friends, an origami thistle left on a table, a decorative bookmark handed out with other stuff.

Less is often more. E.g. Glasgow – Faslane’s human shield. And you’re gone.

I went the free route, but for a modest price you can have any fridge magnet you like. Just grab someone with a printer cartridge, point a gun at them and use all their ink while they watch.…

Make your own fridge magnets and signs using inkjet magnetic paper.

Keep a wee book of your own Real Life Scary Stories handy. One or two of mine:

Maybe remember the kids and judge who has their best interests in mind not on the basis of what they say, but what they do.…/262135-anger-as-court-rules…/

Anger as court rules nursery headteachers need not be qualified
The Educational Institute of Scotland had taken legal action against Glasgow City Council.

Jacob’s Ladder

Thistle Games

Wrapped up the Pictish and Stone of Destiny stuff for now with a ridiculously long updated page HERE.

Did More Game Stuff Too

But I ain’t showing it all :) None of these are colour corrected yet, but they’re not way off.

Thistle Games

Good Friday

It has indeed been a Good Friday. With some messing around in Photoshop along the way.

Thistle Games