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RPG Advocacy Facebook Group

This is kind of way ahead of schedule, as some trigger-happy clicking sent the Fbook RPG Advocacy Group live in an instant. Not to worry.

Please feel free to join-up if you’re up for showcasing what’s good about Tabletop RPGs.


So far this is the group’s planned coverage/ topics – alongside some examples. More as soon as the chasing and the tail have joined-up.

  1. Stuff to help out new players – and how RPGs can work with different media to deliver skills also seems good:
  2. RPGs and technology – especially cheap technology looks like having everything to do with the future of RPGs:
  3. RPGs and e-commerce/ enterprise as another angle on promoting RPGs as worthwhile entertainment:
  4. Interested in anything that encourages/ feeds into more family/ social gaming, including boardgames, books, card games, . . . The play’s the thing in Nashua woman’s board game documentary –
  5. These guys are at the sharp end of the future of RPGs:
  6. Some awesome would be good too:

The link: RPG Advocacy

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