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Most of the weekend has gone on playtesting options, formats and content to include in the next upgrade to Corruption. For those who already have a copy that means a free upgrade is well underway – but there’s a bit more to be done yet.

One of the ideas behind Renegade and Corruption is to continue to develop and experiment with the clone format – but without losing the core d20 experience, i.e. options not bolt-ons.

With that in mind the d20 mechanic doesn’t seem easy to change without losing part of what lies at the heart of the Original Game by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. Any options would be looking to keep the natural 1 as occasional bad news and the prized natural 20 as offering by far and away the best outcomes.

Lucky For Some

This appears to rule out most rewiring, as any comparable penalty or bonus would dilute the impact of rolling a 1 0r a 20 and, perhaps, slow play while outcomes were being worked out. For example, having 19 and 20 as equals waters-down the d20 and simply duplications an existing bonus. Along the same lines a 19 as almost a 20 involves having two levels of what is, essentially, the same bonus.

Unless an option could be dropped in an instant, fitted the game’s theme, didn’t crop-up too often and could be resolved in a moment . . .

Meet 13 – lucky for some and not so lucky for others . . .

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