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RPG Handbook: Prompts and Interrupts

This is an extract from the RPG Handbook on the topic of encouraging players – especially new players – through prompts and interrupts. Options range from setting out some of the choices available to PCs within an encounter through to the type of shared mapping discussed briefly in the last post.

Spinechillers And Silent Killers

OK, so far I’ve largely stuck to this – ‘I’ve not been working on making games so much as gamebuilders. I can hardly call for player choice, local ownership of games, firing-up GMs . . . and then dictate formats, fill in all the imaginative gaps or take ownership of the gameplay.’

The RPG Handbook – Good Deal Gets Better

DriveThruRPG’s info reckons there are 50+ folk with this sitting in a shopping cart. Perhaps many are fearful of a partner finding out they’ve bought another RPG something or other within range of Christmas?

Anyway, it has been a couple of months now, which makes a reduction in price to beyond […]

LOL and Upgrades, Lots Of Upgrades!

So upgrades:

Renegade – already posted – with more art, GM’s tips, (for helping out new players and for new GMs), plus Assassins, the 1~13~20 option and content up at 270 or so pages. It’s one very complete clone+ in it’s own right now.

Corruption – already posted – […]

Design Game Theory

I blundered into a discussion on the 3-fold model/ RPG design theory a couple of days ago. Most of those I was talking to appear to take the view that, though the 3-fold model isn’t scientific or modern, it is necessary to apply it in the absence of any other model or theory […]