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So how have I been spending my birthday – making stuff as usual. This has gone from Christmas Eve’s PDF alpha to an early beta. There are lots more links to be added, but the Declaration page won’t take long to polish off. The Otherworld section has half-a-dozen missions linked up. Should […]


Flesh on bones time up to a point:

Renegade and Corruption are largely done deals games wise. They’re packed with content, cost zero or next to nothing, suit tablets and . . .

However, other heavyweight/ added content clones such as ACKS have much shinier/ high impact covers. All the better […]

RPG Handbook: Prompts and Interrupts

This is an extract from the RPG Handbook on the topic of encouraging players – especially new players – through prompts and interrupts. Options range from setting out some of the choices available to PCs within an encounter through to the type of shared mapping discussed briefly in the last post.