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Newsletter Time

Well not quite yet – but a time-consuming business for sure. The first thing on my list for sorting out various pages was to finally get a newsletter setup that allows lots of content and layout options. And that’s it working now – after a great deal of messing around. For a newsletter [...]

Busy B

Update – 16/2/2013 – a Productions page has been posted and is getting worked up.

One of the differences between Courage and other Collaborative Production Games I’ve come across is the intention to collect the results/ outcomes/ productions at a focal point – usually a community website. As an untethered game [...]

Courage 2014

Beta becomes game. After a month of adjustments, alterations and pics the first full version of Courage is ready to download. I have had to hook it up through my server space (creaky) for now – so it’s through the Like gate to grab colour/ B&W/ US letter/ A4 options.