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This Is Almost Funny – And The Pictish Hoodie

After much tidying up a good to go Alba is sitting in Kickstarter – where they are unable to identify me. Yeah, Scottish project by Scottish guy and their unusual verification can’t locate me. In fairness I have a valid but pre-pic driver’s license and a well out of date passport. Ho hum.



Might as well stick it up and update tomorrow – out of time tonight.

* Update – accents done; been cropping, flattening, . . . images all day, (which will be along shortly); and about to tidy up the content comments.

** More with the updating. Two reasons for […]

Bit Of A Breakthrough

Quick comment on downloading Bruce’s Seal much faster – and for Indie publishers.

Setting up your own store from scratch is a business risk, as you do not want unshielded responsibility for folks’ data. Along the same lines you really need to be looking at full SSL certification along the way.