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Courage – Games for Impact

Very late joining the Games for Impact fold, but there was time to slip it in before the Games for Change deadline. As a result, Courage is currently linked off the Whitehouse

Games for Impact

Did something I’m not meant to do with my server space/ bandwidth – […]


So how have I been spending my birthday – making stuff as usual. This has gone from Christmas Eve’s PDF alpha to an early beta. There are lots more links to be added, but the Declaration page won’t take long to polish off. The Otherworld section has half-a-dozen missions linked up. Should […]

Photo And A Lovecraft Graphic Novel

Timeline PhotosLikes: 1Comments: 0 […]

Gygax Magazine Launch

It’s already been an excellent week for RPGs with WotC releasing a chunk of their back catalogue. This confirms WotC’s support/ interest in a more balanced RPG landscape where players can make more of their own choices about which styles of play they wish to go for. It, therefore, seems fitting that the […]

Just About There

Decided to learn how to do the whole POD thing myself, so I’m still trapped in formatting hell. This is the first contents page from the RPG Handbook, which will be going off to proof later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Not that hard a process, but tiresome:

Rather obviously […]