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Colour and B&W Renegade

Colour and B&W Renegade ~ Corruption


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Getting There

Just about keeled over with the extra work needed to stitch Courage together over the last six weeks. However, it is working on all levels so far and wending its way from adventure gamers and Scots to further afield.

Well impressed with the number of definitely gamers/ publishers bothering to picking [...]

Free RPG Downloads

Free downloads of clone Renegade, Renegade ~ Corruption and the Free Book of (print ready) RPG Tables and Templates have been added to the downloads at ENWorld.

Image Credit: Vlaascho

And widely system friendly scenario Dragons’ Rage has morphed from PDF to a page here.



Black Friday?

I have no idea what Black Friday is about other than loads of discounting. Given the choice I might have gone for Red Friday or Rainbow Friday. Regardless, I have joined in to the extent of making Spinechillers, the RPG Handbook, Corruption and Sovereignty very inexpensive – along with a few more bucks [...]

Thistles and Roses

B&W and Colour Corruption, B&W and Colour RPG Handbook, Colour Black Douglas and Colour Spinechillers

1 bundle – 1000+ pages


It seems that the much cursed Spinechillers title has been hit again. A few downloads of both Spinechillers and Renegade have arrived with glitches on the cover or plain refusing to open. After a great deal of mucking around it appears the Happy Halloween promotion at DriveThruRPG – running until Tuesday – is [...]