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Colour and B&W Renegade

Colour and B&W Renegade ~ Corruption


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And Next? More Photoshop To Be Done

Did More Game Stuff Too

But I ain’t showing it all None of these are colour corrected yet, but they’re not way off.

Slight Delay

Going rather slowly – did my back in chasing down the rest of the Pictish and Stone of Destiny content last week. Interesting for me, as I studied a mountain of ancient stuff years back and reached my conclusion without feeling the need to nail everything down. Instead I felt the need to [...]

Smilies and Googly Eyes

So where is everything at? Work in progress in all directions. Courage continues to be taking up the most time – in part because of the fork from a bit of lightweight history/ gaming into the remarkably popular Picts.

I have another page on the Picts about ready, but the more [...]

The Picts Broke My Site – Again!

Which is all for the good and they’re welcome to do so as often as they like.

A sudden enthusiasm for Pictish Sculptures via Reddit brought things grinding to a halt for a while a couple of weekends ago. Followed by another stop for a breather in the early hours this [...]