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Needed that old, Old School look.


Passing colour tests. Would love to include the paintwork exercise after the previous redhead practice – but could get in bother for posting an oily image of a celebrity. On from all the stretching structure to plenty of paint. I’ll skip the celebrity part next up.

For now – have […]


For a mate to have a look at – wip images, but time is of the essence. The images are composite – so they are accurate representations of multiple angles combined into one. You’d need to be an eagle flying over and in front of the standing stones to get the angle on […]


This unusual monument is found somewhere in Scotland. It’s a functional sundial; has been misleadingly linked to alchemy; and brings to mind a possible scientific explanation for why some medieval kings – including Edward I of England – are claimed to have funded wars through paying alchemists to produce gold from ‘base metals’.


Bit Of A Breakthrough

Quick comment on downloading Bruce’s Seal much faster – and for Indie publishers.

Setting up your own store from scratch is a business risk, as you do not want unshielded responsibility for folks’ data. Along the same lines you really need to be looking at full SSL certification along the way.