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Worked this guy up a bit since the post a few weeks back. Many names, many worlds; but in Scotland – Searbhán. The bh is a v sound there.

The Cyclops version has received a mention on the blog once before – here among the graphic novel posts.



One of the Eaglesridge images from the recently rerun Hope campaign – long after I was unable to use the images in the original online draft. Was going to post one of the Ravenswharf images off the same set, but I’ve stuck it somewhere or other. No doubt turn up when it wants […]

Flying Solo

This one has been out and about in a different form – but an on-going repaint of a highlight seems to be going to plan.

Messing around with a bunch of styles from watercolour to pastels to oil washes, which is fun. And part of the broad overall game plan in […]

Passing Volcano

OK the volcano from last time, (and elsewhere a whole bunch more), painted up to about good to go. I’ve had a full Scottish set ready for a while, but the gaming side needs to come across a bit less gritty-grungy and more . . . fluid. The end result is two distinct […]


One of four unsurprisingly. Otherwise, mainly pulling things together except for the Scottish content and the gaming content. After a fairly quick reshuffle, (thanks to the mercurial Jetpack), there’s now a separate WordPress site for the Scottish Media Lab url. It’s barely begun, as gutting a full clone of here […]