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Colour and B&W Renegade

Colour and B&W Renegade ~ Corruption


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Did More Game Stuff Too

But I ain’t showing it all None of these are colour corrected yet, but they’re not way off.

Slight Delay

Going rather slowly – did my back in chasing down the rest of the Pictish and Stone of Destiny content last week. Interesting for me, as I studied a mountain of ancient stuff years back and reached my conclusion without feeling the need to nail everything down. Instead I felt the need to [...]

Smilies and Googly Eyes

So where is everything at? Work in progress in all directions. Courage continues to be taking up the most time – in part because of the fork from a bit of lightweight history/ gaming into the remarkably popular Picts.

I have another page on the Picts about ready, but the more [...]

The Picts Broke My Site – Again!

Which is all for the good and they’re welcome to do so as often as they like.

A sudden enthusiasm for Pictish Sculptures via Reddit brought things grinding to a halt for a while a couple of weekends ago. Followed by another stop for a breather in the early hours this [...]

People of the Designs

Working up more content over in the Alba section tonight and tomorrow.

The Hendersons’ work, and many recent archaeological findings, don’t simply describe Christians arriving and ‘delivering’ a set of Christian monuments to the Picts. Instead we find that the Picts were as sophisticated as other early North European medieval societies [...]