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For a mate to have a look at – wip images, but time is of the essence. The images are composite – so they are accurate representations of multiple angles combined into one. You’d need to be an eagle flying over and in front of the standing stones to get the angle on […]


This is in such sad contrast to Indy – not pleasant to look at – Bonfire Night – and prompts me to quickly throw together yet another set of suggestions on alternative activism.

Indy also held a Bonfire Night event down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The organisers talked to the […]

Alba – A Digital Tapestry

Getting a little ahead of myself – simply to add a bit of personal focus on what fits where. I wanted to make a visual resource as a very adaptable core for a range of games/ activities. While doing that I came across the Great Tapestry of Scotland and was reminded by others’ […]