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Colour and B&W Renegade

Colour and B&W Renegade ~ Corruption


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Just about keeled over with the extra work needed to stitch Courage together over the last six weeks. However, it is working on all levels so far and wending its way from adventure gamers and Scots to further afield.

Well impressed with the number of definitely gamers/ publishers bothering to picking [...]



To encourage me to get Treasure knocked into its new shape I’m taking part in NaGaDeMon this month.

I took Treasure down from DriveThru for a while, but was then asked to put it back on and settled for labeling it experimental. However, the html v1.5 remains HERE.

The [...]


Flesh on bones time up to a point:

Renegade and Corruption are largely done deals games wise. They’re packed with content, cost zero or next to nothing, suit tablets and . . .

However, other heavyweight/ added content clones such as ACKS have much shinier/ high impact covers. All the better [...]


For those who haven’t heard it before – Treasure was and is an experiment to develop a game and gameplay structure that models features of the brain in a manner that dovetails with players’ and designers’ thought processes.

Unfortunately, getting it to generate new ideas or design for other/ further content [...]