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Alba – Getting There

Firming lots of things up now with a clear idea of what I can deliver and when. Following the fairly recent image outline I’m just going to map out the next stage. Snappier titling will be applied at completion.

In time for Christmas/ Yule/ midwinter festival of choice:

Alba – Digital tapestry of […]


Just wrapped up 20+ crisp full colours for the first steps back into new gaming content. This coincides with Chloe starting work experience with Thistle Games next week. We’ll be looking at two titles – Alba and Valkyrie. Both are relatively short and connect to/ kick off more full-blown gaming content. Chloe can […]

Sveti Georgi

OK still on the red side of the palette, but heading in the right direction. Just sent a minor update of The Thrice Slain King off to DriveThru. Mainly because I forgot to mention something about Bruce’s throne.

May also feel compelled to go back when I get to tidying up […]