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Passing Volcano

OK the volcano from last time, (and elsewhere a whole bunch more), painted up to about good to go. I’ve had a full Scottish set ready for a while, but the gaming side needs to come across a bit less gritty-grungy and more . . . fluid. The end result is two distinct […]


Mmm . . . one of those images from round about Christmas about to go get painted up. A time-consuming business, but yielding the end results in a blood from a stone sort of a way.

Still going faster than a D&D development team And they don’t have two other jobs […]


One of four unsurprisingly. Otherwise, mainly pulling things together except for the Scottish content and the gaming content. After a fairly quick reshuffle, (thanks to the mercurial Jetpack), there’s now a separate WordPress site for the Scottish Media Lab url. It’s barely begun, as gutting a full clone of here […]


Step Away From The Screen

This beast is so large I had to crop a chunk out before compressing. Rather obviously mapping out a certain amount of versatility with the images and allowing the results to guide where to go with game content as one use for the artwork. Can’t say I’m done yet, but I have arrived […]