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About Corruption

Corruption lightly remixes the rules of the world's most popular fantasy RPG - published by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson in 1974 - to appeal to new players, teenagers and young adults. The game makes use of System Reference Documents produced by Wizards...


Severely corrupted adventurers are not raised from the dead or reincarnated as normal unless an Atonement spell is cast at the same time. Instead they are raised as undead or reincarnated as an abomination. Unlike monsters created through spells and elaborate...


This page is for building-up a pool of natural effects, abilities, attacks, . . . that GMs can look over to help with designing their own monsters. Without either a natural or mythical backdrop some new creatures can come across as bolt-ons rather than...


The new races and monsters included in Corruption aim to help to set out a few options for GMs/ Referees interested in adding their own creatures to the game. That includes extra evil races, swarms, oozes and spiders - all suited to dark and gritty RPG...

More Magic Items

A selection of extra magic items, which were made for Renegade, but work just as well in Corruption and various other clones: Amulet of Protection from Undead This amulet prevents the wearer from suffering the effects of an energy drain inflicted...

Seeds of Corruption

Corruption contains a selection of game or campaign-shaping options in the form of Corruptions and Wonders. The page shows a couple of Corruptions and a revised version of a Wonder, (which was originally posted a few weeks ago). Black Book The words...