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Alba – Getting There

Firming lots of things up now with a clear idea of what I can deliver and when. Following the fairly recent image outline I’m just going to map out the next stage. Snappier titling will be applied at completion.

In time for Christmas/ Yule/ midwinter festival of choice:

Alba – Digital tapestry of […]


As ever I’m keen to experiment and I wouldn’t have spent a year plus on development not to get things horribly wrong at times.

Ah well not to worry, as there’s also the stuff that went to plan and Treasure or spawn of Treasure is next up. Details […]

Where Did The Games Go?

Had a few folk asking where Treasure, Spinechillers, Corruption – in colour – Do You Dare to Dream? and Sovereignty have gone to.

Treasure online is right here. The server space has been getting hammered, so I took the sign down. It’s now so far behind the development […]