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Spring – At Last

And how did the mini portfolio go – very well as it happens. Make more was the gist of the reply, which is kind of handy when there’s plenty more. Plus I haven’t shown any finished pics yet.

As soon as I flatten the images I close one envelope on them […]

Step Away From The Screen

This beast is so large I had to crop a chunk out before compressing. Rather obviously mapping out a certain amount of versatility with the images and allowing the results to guide where to go with game content as one use for the artwork. Can’t say I’m done yet, but I have arrived […]

Icon Options

Messing around with icon stylings off a simple theme.




So What Have I Been Up To For Weeks

A ton of dull work, a good bit of gaming on the side and more images. Just added a trio of the pics I’m using in-game over on Behance. Of which this is one.

Starting to look predictable what’s going on with the gaming content after a full […]


As ever I’m keen to experiment and I wouldn’t have spent a year plus on development not to get things horribly wrong at times.

Ah well not to worry, as there’s also the stuff that went to plan and Treasure or spawn of Treasure is next up. Details […]