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Where Did The Games Go?

Had a few folk asking where Treasure, Spinechillers, Corruption – in colour – Do You Dare to Dream? and Sovereignty have gone to.

Treasure online is right here. The server space has been getting hammered, so I took the sign down. It’s now so far behind the development [...]

Descent Into Madness

I was asked to explain the Pictish Sculptures/ Stone of Destiny content to a US lady earlier:

One of the questions the material maybe asks – why use this evidence and how ‘stable’ is it. Can we really glue these things together, is the Wikipedia content checked or could it be [...]


In a post from this morning on the difference between TV history and the history of the Norse Gaelic tradition I come from.

Inevitably, I’d just been told I wasn’t thinking

‘Lol – I already have. The temptation is to ease Indy’s pain by suggesting or modelling a [...]