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So how have I been spending my birthday – making stuff as usual. This has gone from Christmas Eve’s PDF alpha to an early beta. There are lots more links to be added, but the Declaration page won’t take long to polish off. The Otherworld section has half-a-dozen missions linked up. Should […]

Eufrosinia Kersnovskaya

We’re overdue for a few additions to the graphic novels collection. Time for a bit of catch-up – but this is one of those graphic novel posts that doesn’t get a catchy byline.

Eufrosinia Kersnovskaya was a writer and illustrator who created an extraordinary example of story-building and visual drama, which […]

Old School and Play School

Quick post:

Just added basic Adventurer/ PC sheets in .doc format to the Old School resources page – with more variants and fuller sheets on the way. They’re good-to-go for Corruption, Renegade, Swords and Wizardry, OSRIC and the likes. Thanks to Tim Bisaillon over at the Old School Gamers group for […]