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Free RPG Downloads

Free downloads of clone Renegade, Renegade ~ Corruption and the Free Book of (print ready) RPG Tables and Templates have been added to the downloads at ENWorld.


Image Credit: Vlaascho

And widely system friendly scenario Dragons’ Rage has morphed from PDF to a page here.



Black Friday?

I have no idea what Black Friday is about other than loads of discounting. Given the choice I might have gone for Red Friday or Rainbow Friday. Regardless, I have joined in to the extent of making Spinechillers, the RPG Handbook, Corruption and Sovereignty very inexpensive – along with a few more bucks […]

Thistles and Roses

B&W and Colour Corruption, B&W and Colour RPG Handbook, Colour Black Douglas and Colour Spinechillers

1 bundle – 1000+ pages